Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Berberine Max

Berberine may be something you are not familiar with, but you should be, and now you will be. Berberines have been used in Chinese and Ayruvedic medicine for thousands of years. In that part of the world they haven't forgotten that we were provided with all the natural medicines needed for good health. Unfortunately, here in the West, we have overlooked many great remedies due to our reliance on synthetic medicines.

These Berberines have been used to help with immune problems as well as microbial issues, bacterial and parasitic. Recent research has brought light to its relationship to cardiovascular support due to its ability to support normal homocysteine levels. This is very important now that we know that homocysteine can cause damage to the interior of our blood vessels. So maintaining normal levels can be life prolonging even.

Other recent research has shown that Berberines can help with the dreaded metabolic syndrome which includes insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes. Berberines were shown to increase the insulin receptors on our cells more sensitive so that the insulin can do a better job of getting the glucose into the cells for energy use. It has even been implicated in weight management due to these effects. They even seemed to help metformin, one of the drugs used for diabetes, work better.  Again more recent research shows that the Berberines can help lower cholesterol, specifically LDL, and that too can be very good for the heart.

As you can see Berberines are very promising in a lot or areas, and that is why we decided to formulate a new compound using Berberine as the back bone. Since it is so good for the heart and homocysteine levels, we added another great ingredient that can be super beneficial in this area, Quatrefolic®. This is a patented form of folic acid, or 5 Methylhydrofolate (5- MTHF). This happens to be the usable form of folic acid that our body needs to quench or reduce the homocysteine to a harmless compound.

Now that we  were compounding something special we decided to add a little R-Lipoic acid, a known super antioxidant. This goes well with the Berberines as they have a natural antioxidant activity all their own. R-Lipoic recycles other antioxidants, both water soluble and fat soluble. That is indeed something special. Recent research has focused on R-Lipoic's support of the LDL cholesterol. Other similar studies suggest it may facilitate HDL, the good cholesterol, synthesis in the liver. Another good thing for sure.

It is a know fact that much research has been done on the benefits of grape seed extract and its ability to provide antioxidant activity as well as protection of the lining of or blood vessels. But, we can take that one more step and increase the bioavailability by combining it with phosphatidylcholine. This makes the extract much more bioavalable. In this case we chose LeucoSelect® Phytosome™ as the best ingredient.

Now we have a great formula that can provide all the benefits of Berberines with added  ingredients to make it a super formula. Our philosophy is simple, if you are going to do it, do it right. And in this, case we have it right.

Here is the formula of our Berberine Max:

1 capsule:
Folate as Quatrafolic®  200 mcg
Berberine (as Berberine HCL) 500 mg
LeucoSelect® Phytosome™ Grape seed extract 50 mg
R-Lipoic acid   25 mg

Now we have another tool to help with metabolic syndrome, cardiovascularsupport, cholesterol support, homocysteine support and great antioxidant activity. As always, we are constantly
striving to bring the best formulas to you. So, stay tuned and we will share with you something new very soon!

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