Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Are there "brands" of Natural Medicine?

"Brands" seems like a weird question, doesn't it? Well, I get asked that question, or a reasonable facsimile, almost on a daily basis. So, is there different "brands" of natural medicine?

When people ask me about what I do, I explain that there are simply different methods of reaching the same results. I don't call it "brands", just different methods.

It seems od at first, but when Dr. Janine and I first contemplated starting Doctor's Nutrition 16 years ago, we did not want to have another cookie cutter clinic and "do" natural medicine. We wanted to have something that was less stress on us as well as less restrictive on access to us. So, we came up with a different model for our business. No appointments! Due to the nature of anything medical in America appointments are usually required. Also, bring your insurance information, etc. Way too much hassle for someone trying to determine why they are sick. So a new "brand" of natural medicine was started.

When we opened the doors of Doctor's Nutrition there was no appointment needed. If we are in the office, we are available, and there is no charge for that consultation. Simple, huh? We also thought that most in the natural medicine arena were making the cost of getting information too expensive. Recently I had a lady in that had been to another office that does an alternative approach and she told me of the costs. The initial consultation was $500 and the doc in question ordered over $1500 of lab work. Of course the insurance did not pay for any of it, all denied. We don't even bother with insurance, we know they will not pay for anything alternative. Sadly, 6 months later this lady was still having problems. Just not a good outcome.

From the above senerio you can see there needs to be an alternative to the standard medical model. It prevents a lot of folks from ever getting heathcare of any kind. And for those wanting to seek alternatives, it gets very expensive because you are going to pay out of pocket.

Therefore a new "brand" of narutal medicine or alternative was born. We strive to keep it simple and less affordable. We often spend a lot of time explaning diet changes, and we don't make money on grocery sales, but it helps a lot of people make better choices. We feel better too. We like helping others. 

So, there you have it. Doctor's Nutrition provides an alternative to teh alternative approach to medicine delivery in America. We strive to make healthcare affordable, our basic blood work is $69, which includes CBC, CMP, Thyroid and lipids. No consultation cost and no office visit fees. We are basically your guides or advocates. It is your health and you need to be incharge. We can help.
Dr. Jim