Wednesday, January 26, 2011

B12 and Alzheimer disease!

The journal Neurology published an interesting article in October of 2010 regarding a study of the relationship of high homocysteine, low vitamin B12 and Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer disease (AD) has to be one of the most dreaded disease of all time. Of course we have all the Boomers coming of the age that makes and then it gets personal.

In the study mentioned here the authors started with 271 folks that were tested and found to be clear of AD. All were between the ages of 65 to 79 and also tested to be free of dementia as well.

The researchers measured homocysteine levels and vitamin B12 levels, as B 12 is one factor that helps lower homocysteine, the others are B6 and Flic acid, and followed the group for a period of seven (7) years. In that time frame 17 of the subjects developed Alzheimer's.

The researchers were monitoring B12 and homocysteine of these patients and the data correlated in the study indicated that for each micro molar ( very small )increase in homocysteine increased the risk of developing AD by 16%. Wow! And they found that for each pico molar (even smaller than the micro molar) increase in vitamin B12 the risk of AD decreased by 2%. They are on to something here!

Of course the researchers went on to say that homocysteine and vitamin B12 may have something to do with Alzheimer's. I don't know about you, but I can read and extrapolate data myself and I think there is a definite correlation. And of course, the researchers went on to say more research was needed. Fair enough.

If you go by the guide lines for laboratory testing for homocysteine most labs state the range as 5 to 15. We have always suggested keeping it below 8 and now we more reason to do just that. On the B12 most labs use the range of ~250 to 950. Here we suggest that you want to be at least 800 or higher. Just because you fall in range, above 250 or so, does not mean that you are safe, especially when it comes to AD.

Make sure your doctor is checking these levels in your yearly check up. If he or she wont do that for you give us a call and we can arrange that for you.

Stay healthy!
Dr. Jim

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A good Trans Fat????????????

Stop the presses! Hold the phone! You know the drill. All of a sudden here comes information that just might shake your world! Trans Fats could be beneficial?

I was just perusing some of the latest research that was published in the later days of 2010 and came across an article in the Annals of Internal Medicine that was published in December of 2010. As stated in the article we have known for some time that the cis-palmitoleate, a form of palmetic acid found in whole milk, was beneficial to health. In this research the authors explored one of the other fatty acids found in whole milk, a trans-palmitoleate, and you know what 'they' say about trans-fats, might be beneficial also.

This may come as a surprise, with all the bad press the trans-fats have gotten lately, but the research indicates that there "may be beneficial health effects in humans". You have to remember where this is coming from, The Annals of Internal Medicine, and that it flies in the face of all the public propaganda being put forth by all the "expert" in health.

We at Doctor's Nutrition have always advocated using whole milk and preferably organic. We emphasize organic due to all the hormones used in modern dairy production. We don't need the extra hormones.

The study found that those who consumed the whole milk did indeed get more of this trans-fat, and that was associated with lower adiposity (less body fat)as well as higher HDL or good cholesterol levels. Not bad for something that tastes good too!

We will keep you posted as to other findings we come across.
Dr. Jim

Friday, January 21, 2011


By now you have heard of or read about resveratrol and how it is the youthful elixir promising eternal life. Oh, you haven't heard about resveratrol?

It seems that the Internet is buzzing with all kinds of info, some good some, well questionable, about resveratrol. As many of may have read resveratrol is usually equated with red wine and grape extracts and that is true. When one looks further into resveratrol we find that a heck of a lot of plants produce this stuff. Actually it seems that the more invasive the plant the more resveratrol it produces.

If you peruse the real research that has been done and that is being done on resveratrol it is a truly amazing compound. Its ability to reduce radical oxygen species, its anti-oxidant capabilities, is one of the best in the world so far. Who knows what might be just around the corner.

Back to resveratrol. Now that science is investigating resveratrol we are finding many of its cousins that were here to fore unknown. Things like pterostilbene, and piceatannol. All these compounds fall into a class that chemists call flavonoids or stilbenes. The amount of anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-cancer information stemming from this research is incredible.

Personally and clinically we have used resveratrol for well over 10 years and some of the results we have seen are unbelievable for sure. We suggest it for so many conditions now that some would see it as a miracle indeed. Although it will not make you loose weight, darn. I am going to be adding more about this wonder herb in the near future. If you have any questions or concerns give us a call at 800-824-0194. If you have had great results we would like to hear about them too.
As always, yours in health!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cave Man diet

Hi All,
For many years I have suggested that we need to eat like a 'cave man', thus the cave man diet. Now it has a more correct name; The Paleo Diet.

There are many advocates of this eating style and many authors that have capitolized on the marketing with books, etc. My favorite is "The Paleo Diet" by Loren Cordain, PhD. Dr. Cordain has done a very good job of describong the diet and the 'whys' surrounding it. For those of a technical bent, you will be amazed at the varying research on the subject and supporting evidence surrounding the life style.

Our method of emplementing this life style is simply to remove any and all grains form the diet. Yes, this means no cereals for breakfast either. Also, you are going to want to be careful of starchy root vegetables, i.e. potatoes, etc.

Having done this ourselves and with many patients and watching the results, we are convinced, and have much evidence to back this up, that modern man needs to change his or her ways. What with 30% plus of the population classified as diebetic and anothe 20% plus on the way, metabolic symdrome, things have to change, and soon.

Stay tuned as there will be much more on this subject to come.

Yours in health,
Dr. Jim