Wednesday, March 20, 2013



We have had many requests for an all-around antioxidant formula. You spoke and we listened. Here is our new formula, Super-Oxy-Pro. It combines several antioxidants as well as some herbs for stress handling, and all in a convenient capsule formula.

One Capsule contains:

Milk Thistle seed extract.......300 mg (helps keep the liver humming along and provides antioxidants)

Bacopa monnieri Leaf extract.....175 mg ( helps the brain function better as well as handle stress and
  even helps hte thyroid work better)

Ashwaghanda Root extract....175 m,g ( an adaptogenic herb that has been used for over 4,000 years.
   Helps us adapt to stress as well as improve our immune function and memory )

Green Tea leaf extract.....100 mg ( great antioxidant, and even helps with energy at a cellular level )

Turmeric Root extract....100 mg ( great antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. Promotes proper   detoxification )

Resveratrol.......10 mg ( Great antioxidant and helps in cardio {heart} protection. It can even help in proper fatty acid metabolism )

As you can tell here we have a great all around antioxidant and stress management formula. For more information on this or any of our formulas, give us a call so we can discuss your personal needs. 1-800-824-0194............we're waiting....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trust in food supply?

Can we trust our food supply? Honestly, NO! That is unless you grow your own.

A recent warning from the Organic Consumers Association is a case in point. Santa Cruz Organic, which is owned by Smuckers, the jelly folks, was recently asked about their stance on GMO's. What they said is very interesting. "Due to the expanded use of biotechnology by farmers and the commingling of ingredients in storage and shipment, it is possible that some of our products may contain ingredients derived from biotechnology". Did I read that right? Their products may contain ingredients from GMO's? Wow!

So, as a consumer what are we supposed to do? The Internet, that dreaded Internet, has some very good resources for us. One is the above mentioned group, Organic Consumers Association, and another is The Environmental Working Group. A Google search will take you to these organizations that their sole purpose is to help us, the consumer, know more about what we consume. I highly recommend taking a tour of both.

On a more local approach I suggest looking for local farmers that are into organic farming. Ask questions of that farmer to make sure he or she truly understands your goals, less chemicals in your food. I was at a local garden show a few years ago and ran into a vendor selling "organic fertilizer". Upon questioning about the sources for the materials they were using I was astounded to find out the were using chicken liter, poop and wood shavings, from some of the large corporate chicken farmers. Upon further questioning the vendor realized where I was going in my questioning and quickly added that they were sure the chemicals used in the feeding process had biodegraded before they used. Really? Have you done the chemical analysis to prove that? The answer might surprise you, it was no. Ask questions. Then ask more.

If you have the available space, as in yard or acreage, starting to produce your own is a great opportunity. You are in control of what goes into your food production. It makes for a great hobby and very rewarding. The health benefits are one thing, but the improved taste of your veggies, etc. make it worth the effort.

The enduring question that you might have is; can I trust Big Agra? Probably not. The above excerpt about Santa Cruz is a good example. Most of the large corporate agribusinesses are more interested in the bottom line than your health. Small, mom and pop, businesses are best. They are usually very passionate about health and healthy production methods. Support them when possible.

Nothing can beat your personal involvement in living healthy and being healthy. And knowing what you are putting in your body is step one. Stay tuned and I will try to help you stay informed on ways to live healthy and be healthy.

You can listen to our radio show live on Saturday mornings at 104.9 FM from 9 am til 10 am. My promise is that you will learn something helpful and be informed.

Dr. Jim