Monday, October 17, 2011

Multivitamins? Good or bad?

By now everyone has seen or heard the negatives being attributed to taking a multivitamin, it has been all over the news media recently. With this subject you, the consumer, need to do a little investigative work for yourself.

With just a little digging you will see that this coincides with the FDA wanting to make more regulatory changes regarding supplements. As I always suggest; follow the money.

It is always amazing that the media, which is supposed to be investigative reporting at its best (;), can blindly follow what is junk science at best. If you dig into some of the so called research that is being used to portray your multivitamin in a bad light you find that it is indeed lacking. One of the research articles that is used as evidence relates how they, the authors set it up and they used divide subjects, all of which were young college students. Nothing wrong with that you say. Well, as 'they' say, the devil is in the details. Seems that 'they' gave both groups of subjects a placebo. And, this is probably the most curious of all, the researchers concluded that the multivitamin didn't preclude these folks form risky behavior. Really!

All we ask is do a little digging and reading on your own. An informed person is not as easy to dupe. Stay informed.

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