Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Phthlates anyone?

If you already know about phthalates you may want to go on to something else. For the rest of you I have some very discouraging information.

Phthalates or plasticizers as they are sometimes called are on rise and are being linked to almost every malady known to mankind. They, phthalates, are the most populous pollutant in our bodies, being greater than 10,000 times higher than any of the other many pollutants we have n our body. The sad part of this is that children six years old now have levels that used to take adults until age 40 or more to accumulate. And we wonder why we have so much ADD and its related problems in kids?

These phthalates are everywhere you see plastics and I'm sure you deal with plastics in your daily life. Things that we take for granted, i.e. bottled water, soda drinks, infant formula bottles, cosmetics and even things like carpets,clothing, medications, construction materials and sooo much more. As you can see, they are everywhere, even the mattresses we sleep on. Scary!

All these phthalates accumulate in our tissues and overwhelm our system and prevent the detoxification and getting them out of our body. So, what is a person supposed to do? We have to do the things necessary to detoxify and get rid of these compounds. Nutrients that can help are alpha lipoic acid, N acetyl Cysteine (NAC), B vitamins, phosphatidyl choline, etc. We have a very good detox formula, Liver Support and Detox, which has all the ingredients that you need for proper detoxification.

Another sad thing is that even our government knows that this stuff is bad and yet the medical establishment continues to push drugs that contain phthalates in them for conditions that are caused by phthalates. Makes your head rush, huh?

If you want to dig into more on this I suggest PubMed. Just Google PubMed, which is the National Institute of Health, your tax dollars doing something useful, where all peer reviewed journals are cataloged. When you get to PubMed type in 'phthalate toxicity' and set back and read all 1447 results that come up. In the mean time start taking something to detoxify because if you are alive, you are toxic with this stuff.

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