Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Season tips

I always like to provide some tips for navigation of the Holiday season.

Tip #

1. Don't over eat, there are always leftovers to come back too.

2. Slow down and enjoy the season. You'll probably see folks that you haven't seen in some time, so enjoy the moments.

3. If you are out shopping, be aware of your surroundings. Criminals like this time of year as everyone is preoccupied and that makes you an easy target.

4. If you wait until the last minute it reduces the choices you have to make. It's a guy thing.

5. Don't over eat. Can't say that one too often.

6. Dress appropriately for the weather. Don't want to be cold or too hot. Both are stressful.

7. Always give to those less fortunate. It will make their Holiday more joyful and makes you feel good too.

8. Think about New Years resolutions that you can keep and not something that just sounds good.

9. Don't over eat. Oh, already said that one. It is a good one to remember though.

10. Slow down and enjoy the Season..............Dr.Jim

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