Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday wind down

Holiday season 2009 is shaping up to be one of our busiest ever. We are now winding down for a few days of to celebrate Thanks Giving. It is a much needed few days off for sure.

Things have been crazy busy in the natural medicine world. So many people worried about the flu season and all the hubbub about 'Health Care Reform' has folks rethinking health.

Recently we have had many come in with lab work that their doctors have done for them and have told them that 'everything is fine'. One in particular lady began telling us that she had all sorts of tests and 'everything was fine', although she had several complaints that she wanted us to help with. We suggested that she get a copy of the tests since they were recent. A day or so later she came in with her labs and we were surprised to find '9' things flagged hi or low. She was perturbed since she had been told 'all was fine'. Nine things out of range is not 'everything is fine'. We pointed this out and offered suggestions as to help with the problems that she had. Another happy camper.

We hear much about this Health Care reform and are asked our position to which we respond it is not health care reform, just reform on who pays for it. Actually, here in America, we do not have health care, but disease management. Actual health care is left up to the individual. Our position is simple, we are not going to have true health care reform until we change the way medicine is taught in America. Currently it is simply a drug for the symptoms and disregard for the cause.

Our hope is that we all have a great Thanks Giving holiday and visit many family and friends. We all need the camaraderie.

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